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Before and After
A benchtop renovation project by Lobo Stone Benchtops showing both before and after photos.

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Case 2
This customer rejected brand new 20mm thick quartz stone benchtops and was prepared to pay again for a quality NaturaStone finish to cover them - no wonder!
25102009_024a 28102009_030a
25102009a 28102009a
25102009_001a 28102009_003a
25102009_002b 28102009_002b
Obvious join                                                          Seamless finish
Gaps between stone and cabinet sides
Accurately fitted stone surface
As above                                                           As above
As above                                                           As above
25102009_003a 28102009_001a
25102009_011a 28102009_029a
25102009_016a 28102009_007a
25102009_018a 28102009_009a
25102009_022a 28102009_013a
Note untidy join to wall on the left, compared to professional finish on the right
Join in front of cook top. Note the difference in the size of the join.
Join behind the cook top (cook top not in place). The join on the horizontal surface of the stone (left) would still be visible once the cook top was installed.
Note wide join filled with silicone on the left. Compare to labelled join on the right
Another example of poor joins (left). Compare to that on the right (circled)
'Before' pictures are on the left, 'After' pictures with NaturaStone are on the right.Click to enlarge.
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