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Before and After
Renovation of timber benchtops by resurfacing with quartz stone.

Kitchen Counter Tops
Bar Tops
Bathroom Vanity Tops
Table Tops
Shower Panels
Fascia Panels
Retail Counter Tops

Case 3
NaturaStone applied over 40mm bullnosed marine ply benchtops. This job took place in a home located in a prime beach location where benchtops became sunbleached due to prolonged exposure to sunlight.
'Before' pictures are on the left, 'After' pictures with NaturaStone are on the right.Click to enlarge.
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24112009_003a 28112009-003a
24112009_004a 28112009_026a
24112009_005a 28112009_010a
24112009_006a 28112009_029a
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